Philco Predicta

Philco Predicta

Philco's line of Predicta televisions are quite possibly the most distinctive sets ever designed in North America.

Over the years we at Synergy Productions have been collecting the classic 1950’s Philco Predictas. Philco's line of Predicta televisions are quite possibly the most distinctive sets ever designed in North America. The sets revolutionary style, setting them apart from other televisions was the attraction to begin collecting and displaying at our studio.
Philco Holiday 1958, Model 4243

MODEL 4243
The Philco "Holiday", 1958

This classic 21" "Holiday" Predicta was designed by Philco designers Richard Whipple and Severin Jonassen. The swivel picture tube meant that viewers could adjust the screen to face them, no matter where they sat in the room. It was heavily advertised and initially sold well at a price of $269.95 U.S. in 1958. This was the first Predicta offered to the public, and came in a blonde or mahogany finish.
Philco Pedestal 1958, Model 4654

MODEL 4654
The Philco "Pedestal", 1958

Like the other Predictas the "Pedestal", as it was originally called, was quick to attract nicknames such as "gas pump", "barber-pole" and "the cyclops". This Predicta was designed by Severin Jonassen and Italian-American designer, Catherine Winkler, one of a few women who worked in Philco's design department during the 1950's. She is also believed to have designed the "Old Spice" sailing ship logo. This blonde set originally sold for $459.95, U.S. and is equipped to receive UHF stations, a rarity at the time. This set was chosen as the trademark television of the MZTV Museum.
Philco Penthouse 1958, Model 4710

MODEL 4710
The Philco "Penthouse", 1958

This Predicta was an early attempt at "remote control". The separate 21" picture tube could be placed anywhere, being connected to the main chassis by a 25 foot long flexible extension cable. The cabinet could be positioned for easy tuning and access. It originally cost $339.95 in a blonde oak finish. A stereophonic version, called the "Tandem" was also available. This set was popular in taverns, possibly because the cabinet could be placed behind the bar, preventing arguments (or brawls) over what channel to watch!
Philco Princess 1959, Model 3410

MODEL 3410
The Philco "Princess", 1959

This 17" Predicta in a perforated and finned metal cabinet is particularly compact and light in weight. A similar model called the "Siesta" was available with a clock above the tuner that could turn the set on and then off automatically for the duration of that favorite program. The 17" "Princess", "Siesta" and "Debutante" Predictas came in a variety of "dramatic" colors. 17" Predictas like this one were originally priced at about $280 U.S.
Philco Continental 1960, Model 4730

MODEL 4730
The Philco "Continental", 1960

This 21" Danish-Modern style set was the last Predicta television that Philco manufactured. Its square mahogany cabinet was complemented by 4 wooden legs or fins, allowing it to fit in with the current trends towards Scandanavian-modern furniture design.
Philco Siesta 1960, Model 3412

MODEL 3412
The Philco "Siesta", 1960

This particular model, the Siesta, is a modification of the Predicta Princess model. Released in 1959, both models are compact and light in weight, made of a perforated and finned metal cabinet. However, the Siesta features a clock above the tuner, designed to turn the set on and off automatically for one's favorite programs.
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